Just finished a pilates class with Barbara . She is brilliant . I love the class. It’s invigorating , uplifting and I feel amazing afterwards. Just 1 hour of your time for all those benefits. Thank you

  Gay Richardson of Style Me Confident

Barbara is a superb teacher & personalises her home classes to each student’s ability & needs. Having previously suffered from sciatica since having children, going to weekly pilates classes with Barbara has helped strengthened my core & back issues are very rare now. She’s also helped me with suspected carpal tunnel with the simplest of exercises, avoiding the doctor’s automatic response of ‘have a steroid injection or an operation’. She is so experienced in pilates & has so much knowledge about the human body, she seems able to advise on just about any ailment her students throw at her! 😉 We also have a lots of laughs!!! I’d HIGHLY recommend Barbara as a pilates teacher. You’d be in very safe hands.

Yo Clay

After life saving abdominal surgery in January 2017 I was nervous about getting back to normal activities. I talked this through with Barbara, and began her Wednesday morning drop in class at the Ascension Church Hall in Westdene. The difference it made to my day to day life was transformative. I followed her carefully structured exercise programme every week, trying a few exercises at home between sessions. It’s October now, and I feel absolutely great. I thoroughly recommend Barbara’s classes without reservation.

Eileen Palmer

I have been taking classes with Barb for years. ( I have previously taken classes but no teacher as responsive as her) She is very attentive to detail which is so helpful for me. I need correcting ! Highly recommend.

Gill Ditch

Having never taken part in a group Pilates class before I was not sure what to expect and feared I would get ‘left behind’. Yet, from the first class Barbara put me at ease, welcoming me with a warm smile and friendly banter. She is a very patient teacher and made sure she checked on everyone in the class individually in order to make sure we were doing it right. Having suffered from back and joint pain in recent years I was concerned about hurting myself. However, this class really helped strengthen my core muscles and consequently I noticed I felt much better. I would definitely recommend Barbara as an instructor.
Alex Jenkins, etc magazine editor

I have been doing Pilates with Barbara for a couple of years. I had done Pilates for some years but, unfortunately, I had been very ill and this resulted in me losing both my legs below the knee and all my fingers. I knew I wanted to start Pilates again, but couldn’t go to my previous class – too many stairs. A friend recommended Barbara and I haven’t looked back since going to her class. She takes great care that I can manage an exercise (I do find my balance is a bit awkward). She looks for movements that will benefit me. She does not let me slack, however, which is good as I am quite capable of being lazy! She has helped me strengthen my core which helps me deal with movement whilst I wear my prosthetics. This stops me putting too much pressure on my legs. She is very interested in finding ways to help me. I always look forward to her class and appreciate all Barbara does for me.
Stella Benson

At the end of Barbara’s pilates class I feel as if I have just been treated to a deep tissue massage.
Trish Cooke

I originally started Pilates to ease my back pain, caused by a perforated disc. Whilst initially skeptical about how much Pilates would help me, I can now play tennis and golf regularly, pain free! Barbara’s classes are highly enjoyable, whilst being very well structured and clear to follow. She also adapts certain exercises to suit me individually, and takes the time and initiative to understand any issues I may have. I would highly recommend trying out one of Barbara‘s classes!
Jacqui Rice, School Bursar

No matter what age we are, life gives us plenty of aches and pains, from repetitive working practices, playing sport, poor posture and lazy lifestyles. Pilates is a fabulous and fun way to ease these ailments and help prevent further ones. I can thoroughly recommend Barbara to guide anyone of any age or sex, through the pleasant experience of Pilates. Barbara has a friendly warm approach with a good sense of humour, which helps you relax. She gives fine detailed instructions regarding breathing, core engagement and positions, which instils confidence. Try Barbara’s classes and discover for yourself. You will never forget the feeling of satisfaction and well being, as you walk down the road, after one of her classes.
Anthony Mills

I am – or perhaps I should say, I was – a very lazy person and if I can get away without doing exercise I will. But I’m now at an age that if I don’t doing some moving about soon it may be too late – to quote Barbara – “Use it or lose it!” I decided to give Pilates a go to strengthen my core muscles. I’ve been going to Barbara’s Pilates classes for 5 months and I’ve never looked back. Since starting her classes, I have got much more confidence in doing exercise without feeling self conscious and useless. Now I go to Zumba and have bought a bicycle which I love using at weekends (along the flat it must be said). My back is less creaky and I’m far less prone to those awful twinges that make me feel it’s about to give way. I am much more aware of my posture whatever I am doing; I sit up straighter and my carriage is altogether more upright, so much so, that I feel I’ve grown an inch or two! Barbara’s classes are great fun and there is always a happy atmosphere. Barbara explains exactly which muscles we are using in each exercise movement and what benefits there are to making them stronger. I always feel revitalised afterwards and ready for anything
Francesca Marcelline, Librarian

Started Pilates as a beginner in March 2014, it’s really helped with my lower back issues and tight hamstrings. I think Pilates should be compulsory for everybody!
Josephine d’Ambra 

Great Pilates class for beginners or advanced  
Lindsay Hannigan

Totally exceeded a 5* today. Barbara knows how to create the perfect space for us and gives individual stage appropriate tuition. Recommend 100%
Ruth Lewis

I used to suffer with lower back ache but since joining Barbara’s Pilates class I don’t have any problems at all. Barbara makes the classes really easy to follow and gives loads of support and encouragement, as well as making it fun. I would highly recommend it to anyone!
Ali Colyer

Love going to Barbara’s Friday morning class friendly fun and helping me no end
Louise Webb

I go to Barbara every Sunday morning at 10.00. It’s a great class we are all really friendly, we have a great Pilates session but most of all it’s fun and it really sets me up for a great Sunday
Ali Morley

I’ve been attending a weekly class run by Barbara for a year and absolutely love it. It gives me a complete work out of the mind, body and soul as we laugh so much along the way. Barbara is experienced and flexible enough to listen to students needs and wants and creates classes around these with different exercises and tools such as foam rollers, big balls etc. Barbara is a woman I admire with an inspirational body to boot. Everything you want in a pilates instructor. I absolutely love her. Keep up the good work Barbara!
Emma Lacey

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like exercise very much – at least I used to be until I started going to Barbara’s Pilates classes over a year ago. She makes it such fun and I enjoy going every week. I used to drive everywhere, but now I’ve got much more confidence in my own physical abilities that I cycle 4 miles to work 4 days a week, and this includes a very long arduous hill. I feel fitter now than I have since I was a youngster. I know I wouldn’t have had the courage to get into cycling if it hadn’t been for Barbara’s classes and her encouragement. I am 55 years old and I never in a million years thought I’d start cycling regularly. Now all exercise makes me feel good and I look forward to it rather than dread it. Barbara is a very warm caring person who know each of us in her classes and our specific aches and pains and she tailors exercises for those who need it. 
Francesca Luxmoore-Peake

Thanks for a great class this morning. My shoulders are singing in relief!! 
Marie Knight