Private Sessions

Group exercise is not for everyone. You may prefer to do pilates on your own, or with a friend or partner guided by a trained instructor. Each session is tailored to meet your goals and needs in a relaxed, friendly environment.

Individual sessions are ideal if you:

  • Are recovering from an injury or illness and are looking to restore your flexibility, strength, muscle balance and overall fitness
  • Have never done pilates and want to go through the basics before joining a class
  • Have back, shoulder, hip or knee aches and pains
  • Are disabled and may require specific modifications to exercises in a safe environment
  • Have osteoarthritis, diabetes, chronic auto-immune disorders and need to work at your own pace
  • Are training for a specific sports event
  • Feel more comfortable exercising on your own with an instructor

A typical programme

Session 1
Chat about your goals for the pilates sessions/medical conditions/injuries
Postural Analysis
Plan a programme of exercises and stretches for future sessions and to practise at home!

Session 2
We go through the Five Basic Principles of pilates and demonstrate how these can be adapted to suit your body

Session 3 onwards
Progress through the programme of exercises discussed in Session 1, reviewing how your body is feeling post-exercise

Individual private sessions are £30 for one hour. For two people at the same session the cost is £45 for one hour.

If you wish to book sessions, please call, text, email or use the contact form

Important note: I am not qualified to diagnose injuries or illnesses. Please ensure that your GP, consultant or physio has confirmed that you are able to start pilates.